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Cash Grand Prize Drawings

Add your email information to our drawing AT A FESTIVAL to enter.

Must be present to win.

Winners at 2pm and 3pm at Highlands Ranch & Loveland; winners at Noon, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm at Standley Lake.

Bring identification.

Applewood Arts festival exhibitors, students and Ranch employees are not eligible.


Become an Exhibitor

Selection Criteria

  • Originality
  • Uniqueness
  • High Quality
  • Variety In Each Show
  • Display Appeal
  • Past Participation in Applewood Arts festivals


  • Uncommon Handmade Goods
  • Limited, unique gift items, not made by the artisan. ALL MUST BE JURIED, by picture or in person, before Applewood Arts will approve your applications.
  • Take Home Foods
  • Vintage Charm
  • Re-purposed Salvage - Crusty, Rusty, Old and Nostalgic (Items for home and fashion)


"Great show!! At Loveland, we set a record--Best two-day show for the season!"
– Keith and Pam Alexander, Alexander's Cutting Boards

"Awesome show. Great traffic all the time! Well organized. Can't wait to do it again!"
– Kevin and Peggy Segelke, K&P Welding

"We've been in business 36 years and have participated in many craft shows throughout the years. Applewodd Arts shows are consistently well attended, well run, and always fresh and exciting. We have not found a show yet that we enjoy participating in more than the Applewood Arts Shows. Keep up the good work."
– Audrey Heiney, B & B Glass Greations

"Applewood Arts is truly a blessing for us to showcase our products. The shows are extremely well organized. Great attendance and 3 wonderful locations. The hours are the best! Thank you so much."
– Kent & Eileen, To Market-To Market
Loveland CO

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Jury - 1st Step Before Applications

You may also email or postal mail the information to us. See instructions below.
Please view our display requirements and recommendation here.

Please fill out the following information:
Input text from image below:

To submit your request through email or snail mail, please send the following information to us:

Send through email or postal mail:

  1. Your Name and Company Name
  2. Address
  3. Telephone Number
  4. Website Address
  5. Your E-mail Address
  6. Brief Description of Your Work
  7. General Price Range of Your Work
  8. Other Shows You Have Participated In
  9. How You Heard About Applewood Arts
  10. Which Applewood Festivals You Are Most Interested In
  11. Send 5-8 photos, not slides, for review. Include one photo of your display. Or better yet, email high resolution photos, each as a separate message/attachment, to john@applewoodartsandcrafts.com.

Email to john@applewoodartsandcrafts.com.

Thank you!